Here’s what we do at Historypin

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Historypin team

At Historypin we develop and maintain storytelling methods used by 3000+ cultural organisations to expand their communities – and bring their resources to life.

Our vision

A world where every cultural organisation can engage and grow their community – to build understanding through stories. We collect, curate and structure stories to bring people together, one story at a time … and where it get really powerful is through the work we do to enable others.


We collect, curate and structure stories to bring people together, one story at a time…

Through our projects we bring communities together. We get people talking. About shared experiences. About their connections with each other. About the places they’ve lived, worked and played. About the history that’s alive in the buildings and spaces around them.


If you run our programme in your local café, library or museum you’ll unlock new connections and understanding. We can also help you present the stories on our interactive mapping platform

Facts and Figures

We host 365,951 stories pinned across 27,844 projects and tours – across 2,600 cities. Built by a community of 80,000+ storytellers, archivists and citizen historians.

These numbers are growing every day as people around the world are running local Historypin activities within their communities.

Learn more about our clients and our work.

Who is behind Historypin?

Historypin is a not-for-profit organisation.

Our team is spread across London, San Francisco, New Mexico, New Orleans, and Sofia – and support projects around the world.

Meet the team