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More than 4,000 cultural heritage organizations use our our tools and methodologies. They turn to us to help them engage their communities and connect their collections to the stories of local history. One of our specialities is large-scale funded projects that take measurable engagement to the next level. Whilst they vary based on the technical development, training required, and other factors – we always aim to achieve profound social impact. See more details in our latest Services List, or see our case studies at Shift Collective to learn more about how we can help on bigger projects.

Small project – up to fifty participants Medium – 50-500 Large 500+
Historypin-kit Self-service Self-service Custom to your brand
Rapid project start support – from planning through to kick-off Self-service – good practice materials available Standard methodology Custom to your objectives
Dedicated account management Not included Standard hours Custom hours to fit
Training for outreach staff Not included Standard training package – proven across three continents Custom package to fit your unique needs – including third party production companies
Fast track compliance Not included Not included Included
Life-after-project support Limited – The project continues to live on Historypin Limited – The project continues to live on Historypin Custom developed Digital Preservation Plan
Measurement and evaluation Basic – included in kit + online report generator Dashboard and more in-depth reporting plus possible plugins / intergation with third party frameworks (PLA Project Outcome or RSA) Everything included in Medium + meeting with Director of Research
ENTERPRISE AGREEMENT – all from the Large project column plus
  • At-a-glance project management across the enterprise
  • Shared methodology across projects allowing for faster start
  • Shared measurement and evaluation – tied into your objectives and goals for clear delivery and ongoing support
  • Shared moderation resource – 24/7 available on request
  • Component reuse – such as Instagram and Facebook integration

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