We have spoken at a range of events, including SXSW and numerous TEDx events, and to a variety of organisations from The British Council to Stanford University, Google to Columbia University. Past talks have included how we are using communal archiving to build communities, using linked and open data to democratise the web and how libraries, archives and museums can reach out to people in their local area.

Our regular speakers are Jon, Nicole and Michael.

To find out more or book a speaker, contact us at hello@historypin.org.


“Jon Voss’s talk was inarguably in a class of it’s own—not just in the way that it was presented, but also in the ways in which it inspired and prompted discussions about our environment and enacting social change.”

James Carter, Sawyer Seminar Student Fellow, Rice University

“Jon had the audience on his side well before the technicians had their equipment sorted out. He went on to present with all the qualities we associate with We Are What We Do – information, insight, illumination, enthusiasm. I only wish we could have him back every year.”

Courtney Johnston, Co-Convenor, National Digital Forum, New Zealand