is a place for people to come together, share photos and stories and tell the history of their local community

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What is Historypin?

Historypin is a way for people to come together to share and celebrate local history. It consists of a shared archive, a mutually supportive community and a collaborative approach to engagement with local history.

Digital Platform

Historypin.org is a free website where anyone can upload and create collections of historical photos, videos and sounds.  



65,000 individuals and community groups as well as 2,500 libraries, archives, museums, schools in 2,600 cities are using Historypin.


Local Engagement

People around the world are running local Historypin activities with their communities.

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Who is behind Historypin?

Historypin is a not-for-profit organisation. It was created by Shift (formerly We Are What We Do) which builds social businesses to solve social problems. Our team is based in London, San Francisco and Sofia.

What Do We Do?

We Connect

We partner with cultural heritage institutions, civic organisations, councils and community groups to design projects which harness local history to build stronger communities.

Old photographs spark fascinating stories. Young people engage with older generations for possibly the first time. History is recorded, new connections are made and communities get stronger.

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We Measure

Historypin activities build connections between people to increase local social capital and reduce social isolation amongst older people. In previous projects, 70% of participants met new people and 38% became involved in other activities in their communities.

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We Speak

Our team love to share their passion for Historypin and community building. We want to tell everyone about Historypin and to share inspirational stories about how people are using it in their communities.  

If you would like us to speak at an event get in touch.

We Build

We design and build Historypin.org, a free platform where people can collaborate to create shared archives about their local community.

Anyone can pin photos, videos or sounds to the Historypin map. Compare images of then and now. Group them into collections. Share them with friends. Invite other people to participate.

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We provide resources and services

Communities all over the world use Historypin to bring people together around local history. Activities take place in all sorts of venues, from schools to rock festivals and libraries to local pubs.

Our team can help provide training and support materials for community engagement, technical integrations, and measurement and evaluation.

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Funders and Partners

Thank you to all the funders and partners who have supported our work.



We are delighted and proud that Historypin has received the following awards: