Libraries and storytelling: bringing resources to life

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The world is changing. We’re in an age when libraries are under immense pressure to show their value.

At Historypin we develop and maintain storytelling methods used by 3000+ cultural organisations expand their communities – and bring their resources to life.

LIBER 2017: Our interactive keynote session

This June I’m heading to LIBER 2017 in Patras in Greece to show how this can be done in practice. If you’re coming you’ll get a taste of the work we’re doing with the BBC, the Knight Foundation and the US National Archives to help them innovate, adapt – and better engage their community.

You’ll also hear about how we collaborated with Colombia’s largest cultural infrastructure, their national library system. We helped them become more representative, relevant and inclusive.

The session will be interactive – and you’ll walk away with practical insights and ideas you can use in your own work.

Learn more about the conference – and register: – and follow the proceedings @liberconference

A few words from the organisers…