New arrivals: London, New Orleans, New Mexico

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A world where every cultural organisation can engage and grow their community – to build understanding through stories.

That’s our vision at Historypin.

We develop and maintain storytelling methods used by 3000+ organisations near and far. And to power this, we draw on a highly-skilled set of expert professionals.

Recently we’ve added some real talent to the team. Storytelling practitioners that will help a number of our flagships really set sail – in London, New Orleans and New Mexico.

And on that note, Jon Voss and I are excited to introduce… in reverse order, by location: 

New Mexico

Faith Toledo

Faith recently joined as the New Mexico Community Memory Coordinator. She recently joined Historypin and is an AmeriCorps member, serving her 2nd term. Faith is Native American from the tribal Dinè (Navajo). She specializes in filming and editing, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts with emphasis in Film/Audio at New Mexico Highlands University.

New Orleans

Lynette Johnson

Lynette recently joined as a Community Memory Coordinator for the “Our Story” project, where she is responsible for helping library partners in southeastern Louisiana conduct and evaluate community-building programs. She previously worked as a journalist for the New Orleans Times-Picayune, The Journal News in New York and The Los Angeles Times.


Carlotta Manzi Davies

Carlotta recently joined as Programme Assistant for the King’s Cross Story Palace. She helps with the day-to-day work of the team, making sure they’re well connected and that the project is running as smoothly as possible. Carlotta has worked across multi-disciplinary performance in the past; both in Edinburgh and London.

Jan Wood

Jan recently joined as Community Officer for the King’s Cross Story Palace spends her time making links with partners to encourage individuals and groups to share their personal and untold stories. Jan has had a long career in environmental horticulture, with a strong focus on community engagement.

Polly Rodgers

Polly recently joined as the  Community Engagement Officers on the King’s Cross Story Palace project. She spends her time talking to as many people in the area as possible, and gathering stories from groups and individuals.

Polly has had a wide-ranging career in oral history and socially-focussed community engagement, working with communities to find, develop and share their memories across multiple platforms. She has extensive experience working with young people and disadvantaged groups, and finding and facilitating the stories of those who never imagined they had a tale to tell.

She loves London, but escapes to the wilderness whenever she can.

Michael Hall

Michael recently joined as Content Producer for the King’s Cross Story Palace project and will be producing and overseeing content production for the project. Prior to this he worked at New Zealand’s National Museum, Te Papa, as Imaging Team leader, overseeing digitisation initiatives and content production for a wide range of uses. Working with artists and community, his work has appeared in major touring exhibitions, publications and has featured across Te Papa’s digital channels.

Meet all these talented people – and the rest of the Historypin team here.