Historypin at DPLA Fest 2017

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On April 20-21, Jon Voss represented Historypin at the annual DPLA Fest, a gathering held by the Digital Public Library of America to forward the work of the organization with partners from around the country and internationally. The gathering was held this year at the Chicago Public Library.

Jon facilitated a panel entitled Cultural Heritage and Social Change: Libraries Measuring Social Impact, featuring partner organizations and projects that have inspired the work that Historypin and DPLA are doing together with rural public libraries, with funding from the Knight Foundation and the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

We’ve attached the slides from the presentations below, and Jon summarized some of the key takeaways from the work each panelist shared by underlining some of their phrasing this way:
Jessica Bratt of Libraries For Black Lives: divesting in oppression, investing in creativity;
Emily Plagman of Project Outcome at the Public Library Association: providing the tools to measure impact;
Jennifer Himmelreich: honoring the silences and spaces of communities;
Diego Merizalde of the National Library of Colombia: leveraging culture to rebuild trust and social capital.