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Hi, my name is Nicky Johnston and I am a Historypin novice. While interning for We Are What We Do I have been unleashed on Historypin with a fairly simple task: “Go. Use. Tell us if it doesn’t make any sense…”  To be honest, the website bit was easy.  Instead I was faced with a much more pressing issue, have I actually done anything worth pinning?  I’m only 21.  Sure, I’ve travelled and done all the things you’d expect from a normal British childhood.  But do I deserve to be part of history?

As a final year student my next big moment is graduation.  So, hoping for inspiration I searched for graduation and university and came across this;

Freshmen leaving the Florida Gym, 1962, UF VLT
Florida University 1962

Apart from significantly less hoodies, uggs and iPhones, they were remarkably recognisable as my fellow students.  The group of ‘lads’ swaggering out in the centre.  Girls with notes stuffed into handbags, gossiping in pairs.  A group clustered around the door to question the professor on the day’s lesson.  And so, I deemed this pin-able;

Mini House @ Toga D, March 2010, nicky.johnston
University of York 2010

One day people may say “Why are they wearing bed sheets for clothes?” or “Wow, they’re hairstyles were so new-millenium!” (I sincerely hope fashion has changed to the point where our outfits are unrecognisable as clothing.)  Yet, to the University of Florida’s class of 1960-something we’re probably easily recognisable.  A group of friends, housemates, just having fun before heading back to classes on monday morning.

After all, things haven’t changed too much…

Saturday Night Fever, 18 June 1978, AndyT
University of York 1978