Small Town Hotels, Australia's Sesquicentenary and Abraham Lincoln without his hat.

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We have some cracking content this week including a great image of Sydney Harbour lit up by fireworks, President Abraham Lincoln without a hat and some brilliant photos of early 20th Century Sasketchewan hotels.

Pinner of the Week

This Week we are celebrating Joan Champ and her brilliant Channel. Joan has been traveling around Sasketchewan Province collecting photos of old small town hotels many dating from the 19th Century and has added detailed stories to many of them giving a fascinating insight into the history of the buildings and the area. Most of the hotels still exist in various forms and have been brilliantly street-viewed.

North West Hotel, Ceylon, Sk 1912

Story Of The Week

Part of 12 photos pinned by the State Library of New South Wales showing Sydney celebrating Australia’s Sesquicentenary in 1938. Australia celebrated 150 years since the first British settlement in Australia with a city Parade, a re-enactment of Cook arriving at Kurnell, fireworks, and a military procession. The sesquicentenary also coincided with the Empire Games in Sydney; an event created in 1930 and which would later become the Commonwealth Games. The games included athletes from across the Empire and the Commonwealth. See the photo on on the map here.

Fireworks on Sydney Harbour, 1938

Photo Of The Week

A fantastic photo from the Library of Congress pinned by Kerri Young of President Abraham Lincoln and Gen. George B. McClellan in the general’s tent at Antietam, Maryland, October 3, 1862. Lincoln’s famous hat although not on his head can be seen on the table next to him. The photograph was taken three weeks after the battle of Antietam, which would become known as the bloodiest battle in American history.

Lincoln and McClellan at Antietam, 1862