Favourite Photo Memories

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Running the bases at 3Com Park, 1997.

I would like to share one of my favorite photo memories from my family photo albums, of my younger sister and I running the bases at Candlestick Park (then 3Com Park). ‘The Stick,’ with its unmistakable bright orange bleachers, was the former home of the San Francisco Giants, and my Dad would take my sister Maile and I to baseball games there when we were little. We always brought our baseball gloves, hoping to catch foul balls, and I remember cheering for Barry Bonds because he was left-handed like me.

Every Sunday after a baseball game they would let children twelve and under go out onto the field and run around the bases one time (I remember them being really strict about the ‘one time’ bit). This was the first time my sister and I did this together, and I still remember how great it was to be able to step onto the field where the greats had just played. We ran as fast as we could, and it was over before we knew it. In the photo we are also wearing the Giants t-shirts they gave away to fans that day. Tailor-made sleep-shirts for us! I’m also wearing my favorite Nike sandals that I wore everywhere, and those clear hair-clips that used to be cool in the 90’s.

I recruited my sister to help me look through old photo albums at our home in San Francisco via Skype, and we ended up having a three-hour virtual reminiscing-session over the many photos she found. The best part was that we decided together that this base-running photo was our favourite, despite being separated by an entire country and ocean. Thanks to the miracle of technology, it was as if I was right there in our living room in San Francisco looking through these photo-memories with her. My sister subsequently scanned the photo she found, sent it to me, and I pinned it on Historypin.

This photo, and others we found like it, certainly make me grateful for all the wonderful memories I have had with my family over the years. Though we are now too old to run the bases, hopefully one day my sister and I will be able to return to the baseball field after a Sunday game and let our kids do the same.

I encourage everyone out there to collaborate with friends and family too, and contribute your own special memories on Historypin.