South Los Angeles Labor History and Social Justice

For more than one century, community organizers from South Los Angeles have played leading roles in the struggle for social, racial, and economic justice in Los Angeles. This tour offers a journey through the rich and diverse history of their activism. Indeed, the work of campaigns in and for South L.A. indelibly shaped the city in which we live today. As we explore the history that lives in our present – the battles won and lost, and the struggles that continue today – we will enrich our understanding of the impact of organizing for our communities now and for generations to come. Moreover, we can learn from the past about the challenges and opportunities we face as community organizers. And, more than anything, we can celebrate the beauty of our neighborhood, its people, and our proven ability to rise, thrive, and produce remarkable change in the City of Angels.


*This tour was organized and developed by the Los Angeles Black Worker Center. For more info, go to: