Ladies, last tram and long and winding roads

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Fave Piece of Content

Clarksville Regatta Beauty Queen, 1955, Shared by Library of Virginia

Library of Virginia have totally made my week! Not only have they been adding some amazing content  to the site, they have added some totally glam (and I mean glam) Prom Queen photos. Clarksville Regatta Beauty Queen, 1955 (see photo above) shows a beauty contest winner being awarded with a tiara – perhaps I should wear my tiara more often? The regatta occurred on the 50,000 acre, John H. Kerr Reservoir on the Virginia/North Carolina boarder. If you think this beauty pageant lady is the best you have ever seen, wait till you check out these quirky beauties. There’s the Peanut Queen at the National Peanut Exposition, Suffolk, Virginia, 1941. And if you think you that’s whack, wait till you see Turkey Queen – which is my fave, obvs. Browse through the Library of Virginia’s Channel here. And check out their great content, Tours and Collections on their Channel – oh and while your there perhaps become a fan, by clicking on the fan button.

Fave Story of the Week

Last tram in Sydney, 1961, Shared by State Records NSW

What a moment to capture on film, the last tram in Sydney, 25 Feb 1961. I love the fact people have gathered round to watch and film this event (see cameraman in motion above the crowds). Reminds me of when the last London Routemaster buses were in motion, people taking photos to capture the last journeys of these buses (to be fair there is a few around still). You guys should definitely check it out on Street View – pretty darn awesome. If any of you have any memories/stories of the last trams in Sydney do add them to the photo here. This little gem was shared by State Records NSW who by the way, have a very nice Channel.

Pinner of the Week

Harbour Road, 1910, Canada,Shared by

#PINNEROFTHEWEEK is awarded for his uploads of early 1900s long and winding roads in Canada. Harbour Road (see photo above) features a snazzy cyclist an a scary cow (I’ m not a fan of cows – long story). Also featured in this photo is the first post office, as well as The homes of Captain Fox and A. E. Waterhouse. Another lush photo Mike has uploaded Cluetsi Haven Marina 1918-1920 features many hats and gazing men and women beside a river. My total fave from Mike collection is Canadian Highway Post, 1912 has several posing men around a Haynes car. See Mike’s full Channel here.