a family, a factory and fast track back in time

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Fave Piece of Content

Top of Stone Mountain, 1970, Shared by librarynerd82

When I saw this photo this week, I knew it had to be included in my weekly blog as I could be a part of this family, dark hair and glasses – ha. However, I am not as cool as these folks. This snazzy family are on a break to visit Stone Mountain Park and this shot captures the moment when they have reached the top of the mountain. They walked the full journey up the mountain and walked the journey back down, even though there was an option for a cable car – manic. I love how 70s the outfits are in this photo, those mustards and browns. As well as that classic tank top the young lady at the back is wearing. Also I would totally wear the outfit the little girl is wearing (by the right) – totally love shorts. This photo was shared by librarynerd82 who has featured in one of my previous blog post the week of 

Fave Story of the Week

Dr. Pepper Factory,22 February 2008, Shared by introspectivenarwhal

This totally caught my eye this week – I’ m partial to a soda pop, me.  This is the remains of a Dr. Pepper Plant that was situated at the intersection of Greenville & Mockinbird in Dallas. It is now a very large grocery store and gas station. However they have chosen to keep the Dr Pepper clock, though I’m not sure how it tells the time without hands? introspectivenarwhal who pinned this little gem goes on to share about there fond memories of passing this clock. It reminded them of passing it on the way home from church, which meant it was nearly lunchtime – lunchtime a big thing here at Historypin – ha.

Pinner of the Week

Millstätter See, 1942, Shared by ErAnger

#PINNEROFTHEWEEK is awarded to ErAnger for his collection of content from Austria. One of my faves is the photo titled Millstätter See, 1942 (see photo above). The photo reminds me of a painting by Georges Seurat –Bathers at Asnières. The photo captures so many little moments on the bankside: a little boat sailing off, children playing and a lady lounging in a deck chair. My other fave from his collection is Weißensee, a beautiful 1920s postcard of two women on a bridge. The photo has a perfect symmetry and has a similar style to the image above. ErAnger’s collection of postcards is defiantly worth a look, so view his full Channel here.