Queen Elizabeth II: 60 years in 60 seconds

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Want to see the Queen whizz around the world, showing off all the spots she’s covered in the staggering 261 official State and Commonwealth visits during her 60 year reign?

Just click here. (Warning you might need a sit down and a cup of tea afterwards, she’s been awfully busy…)

Our special Whizzing Queen animation shows where she went each year and links to the photos pinned so far for each visit.

From Tonga to Tobago, Canada to the Cook Islands, she has been to 116 different countries (out of the total 192), travelling by steamship, yacht, train, plane and car.

If you have any photos of visits by the Queen, at home or abroad, or pics of celebrations for her coronation or 1977 and 2002 Jubilees, add them to Pinning the Queen’s History to make them part of this special Jubilee collection.