Style, a Sailor and an 'S' Curve

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Fave Piece of Content

Norma Smith, the lady present in the photo with the terrific white coat and trouser combo, is outside her home In Australia. I’m debating whether the collar and pockets on her coat are fur – I do enjoy a fur collar. As the photo was taken in ’72 Norma still has the high buffoon hair of the 60s, rather then those huge hair flicks of the 70s. The more I gaze at this photo, the more I’m convinced that I may need to invest in a white coat. However I wouldn’t be able to pull it off with white trousers like Norma has. Photo shared by Gayle. On the subject of stylish ladies in Australia, check out these two style icons featured in the photo ‘Leaving For Australia’ – I’m sure they would have fitted in Oz greatly with those beehive.

Fave Story of the Week

Bill Schellhardt at the Bungelow, 1948, Shared by denise.henderson379

Hello sailor! OK, I may have been swayed by the fact the young man appears to have no vest on – I’m also loving the Elvis-esque trousers. Bill Schellhardt is the fellow’s name he’s captured here at his family bungalow. I can’t believe how effortlessly cool he looks.T he other people featured are not identified. denise.henderson379 who pinned this photo has also shared some dead great stuff to the site, including a few other photos of people at the bungalow such as Anne Schellhardt 1948 and Max Schellhardt with a Hammer 1948.

Pinner of the Week

The "S" Curve at Harveysburg, Ohio, 1935 - 1945, Shared by Let the Journeys Begin

#PINNEROFTHEWEEK is awarded to Let The Journey Begin who are new to Historypin this week – exciting. My first fave (and keeping with the ‘S’ theme) is The ‘S’ Curve at Harveysburg. This curve used to lead up to the Caesar’s Creek Valley before it was destroyed for the creation of Caesar’s Creek Lake in the 70s.The bendy road reminds me of the cartoon Road Runner – ha. My second fave this week titled Interior of Evangelical Tabernacle in Waynesville is an interior photo in the Evangelical Tabernacle 1913. I mainly chose this photo because of all the fab and different hats that are featured in the photo: a baker boy hat and a flat cap in one photo – pretty epic. Let The Journey Begin have pinned a range of different content so be sure to check out their effortlessly cool Channel here.