Pipes, prams and poles

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Fave Piece of Content

Kristina shares her memories of a rather large pipe being transported through Fraserburg to the destination of St Fergus gas terminal. The photo works marvelous on Street View. I’m loving the children’s 70s fashion – the boy with the stripey long sleeve top and cords by the bicycle is definitely the highlight of the photo for me. I love that those crazy kids are following the pipe down the road. Epic.

Fave Story of the Week

A.T.Nicebloke (amazing choice of username) has shared a few lush photos this week on Historypin, it was a hard choice to only choose one from his collection This photo of The New Coldharbour Estate won me over. This little nipper is A.T.Nicebloke aged several months old in his silver cross pram. He’s in the garden of 25 Bromhendge. As you can see, the construction of the Coldharbour Estate was still in progress. My fave part of this story is the wooden chair (in the right hand corner of the photo) which was issued to people who had lost their possessions due to the bomb damage during World War II. Nicebloke still has the chair today, amazing. I would reccomend haivng a look at some of his other pins, especially the photo of him in August 1968, wearing a rather stylish denim waistcoat  and flares – I do enjoy the double denim look, a rather guilty pleasure.

Pinner of the Week

#PINNEROFTHEWEEK is awarded to Museum Victoria for their masses of pins this week. They now have the total of, drum roll please – 8,299 pins! The guys at Museum Victoria have been sleeping, and have achieved this impressive total by using our amazing Bulk Uploader. This allows you to upload many many pieces of content at once – genius idea. They have also created a rather snazzy Channel which includes their logo and a lush banner. I’m not sure where to begin with my fave content from them… So here it goes, the photo above, Working on Telegraph Wires showing 6 men with hats doing some manual labour with style. The men on the top of the pole are doing a very good balancing act. Another fave is Steam-powered sawmill cutting timber for locomotiv – loving the industrial feel of this photo. Check out Museum Victoria’s vast collection on their Channel here.