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A burning question you may have is, what happens with content on the new platform and the old platform. Here are some answers we hope clear up the eventual swap-over process:
Can I add new content and edit old content on the new version?
Yes, you can now add new content and edit your current content on this new platform. It won’t be deleted.

Will my content be added to the old version?
No. We won’t be copying content added or edited on the new platform, to the old platform.

If I add (the same) content to the old version, will it appear on the new version?
There is a way to add content to the old platform and have it eventually appear on the new version. Any pin created or edited on the old platform which is newer than on the new platform, will replace the version on the new platform.

We’ll be using the ‘updated date’ to decide which copy of content to keep. If you update your records on the old site and leave them alone on the new site, we will copy across the old content. If you amend content on the new site, we will leave that alone.

When will the old version stop working?
We’re expecting to switch over to the new version of the platform in the next few months,, at which point the old version will cease to be maintained and eventually go offline.

Notable interface differences & new features
We’ve created some new features.

  • Auto-generated walking trails based on the records (pins) you add to a trail
  • Pins are currently called Records, this might change back to Pins in time.
  • Records (Pins) can now hold many items within, including content and media.
  • The record has a media gallery allowing you to associate many images to one subject – basically an image gallery for every pin
  • Search has its own dedicated area allowing you to filter by content type, category, and content date range.
  • The map is now accompanied with a content ‘tray’ to the left. The tray has different views you click swap between. Intro, Browse, Search, Overlays, Trails, and Contribute (log-in required).