Historypin’s Storybox @ Fun Palaces

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This weekend the UK is alive with Fun Palaces – and we took part in the Camden edition. Organised by New Diorama it brought together a host of inspiring community organisations. Locals and visitors alike turned up in numbers – and fun was had by all.

We gathered stories on postcards, pinned memories and more. You can learn more about that at storypalace.org.

Here I want to focus on just one of the activities: our work to help facilitate storytelling.

Our vision is a world where every cultural organisation can engage and grow their community – to build understanding through stories.

We develop and maintain storytelling methods used by 3000+ cultural organisations to expand their communities.

To that end we ran another prototype session of Historypin’s Storybox. The idea is that if you if you run our programme in your local café, library or museum you’ll unlock new insights, connections and understanding.

Here’s what we heard from participants on the day:

‘It is amazing how much you carry around in your head about your life, but don’t really share…’ – Madeleine

‘Society doesn’t encourage deeper conversations like this.’ – Andy

‘It is a great opportunity to explore stories that you might not otherwise hear (or share).’ – Penny

Read more about Historypin’s Storybox work: