Time Travelers Set Out to Fight Social Isolation

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Across Leeds, Tyne & Wear and Norfolk, ordinary people are gathering together to travel back in time and combat loneliness through storytelling. Care to join us?

Over the past year Historypin has been piloting storytelling programmes in select areas of the country. We’re now seeking organisations all across the UK interested in taking our time traveling methodologies for further test runs.

The Historypin Connections project is funded under the Big Lottery’s Accelerating Ideas: An Ageing Society programme and runs until late 2019. The project will develop heritage based tools and services for organisations to engage older people at risk of social isolation. As a result older people will have stronger social connections and improved well-being, while organisations will have better access to resources to deliver and measure these activities.

Until mid 2017 we are working closely with Leeds Library Service, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums and Norfolk Library & Information Service to pilot the service. Their great work has helped us make strides towards developing a toolkit and generating useful data, but we still need to refine the service.

If you’re interested in getting involved or discussing more in detail please contact Nicole Emmenegger at nicole@historypin.org. We look forward to traveling with you!