Historypin How-To's: Creating and Contributing to a Collection on Historypin

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A major feature of Historypin’s recent relaunch are our re-designed collections, now open spaces where anyone can facilitate a local project and ask others to contribute. To help you get started on both creating and contribution to collections, we’ve created the following how-to videos:

Creating an open Collection:

If you have an idea for a collaborative collection and are ready to create one, there are a couple of ways that you can get started. Steps included in the video are:

1. Create a collection with your own pins
2. Create a collection with a new pin
3. Create a collection with someone else’s pin
4. Edit your collection information
5. Share and embed your collection

Contributing to a Collection:

Want to contribute to a collection on Historypin? Here some tips for how you can:

We’ve also posted these videos in the FAQ section of our Community Forum; feel free to explore more tips there and post some of your questions. And watch this space for more upcoming how-to’s and tips!