An Intro to the First World War Centenary Hub

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What is the Centenary Hub?

The Centenary Hub is a free website run by Historypin, a not-for-profit community archiving organisation. It was created in partnership with the Heritage Lottery Fund, Imperial War Museums and Arts and Humanities Research Council to create a digital home for projects marking the Centenary. There are hundreds of projects on the hub, creating a map of local communities around the world researching and reflecting on the impact of 1914 – 1918.

Anyone can join and create a collection for their project. You can add historical and contemporary photos, videos and sounds to your collection, creating a showcase of your project activities for others to explore.

The Centenary Hub has definitely given our documentary film a wider audience and we enjoy the opportunity to have access to other projects like ours. It feels like being part of a community with mutual benefits and makes the possibility of information sharing much easier.

(Friends of Redcar Cemetery, Redcar Remembers World War One


Centenary Hub
First World War Collections on the Centenary Hub


Why use the Centenary Hub?

Digital Legacy
Your project will sit alongside hundreds of others, placed in a national and international context and part of a lasting record of centenary activities.

The hub enables more people to:

  • find your project
  • explore the historical materials you have discovered, including photos, diaries, objects, personal stories and family histories
  • experience the creative works you’ve made such as videos of plays and re-enactments, recordings of poems, photographs of artworks

On the hub people can share, comment and contribute to the materials you add.

Historypin’s Centenary hub provided us with an excellent way of promoting and recording our WW1 commemorative events programme, as well as fun and interactive tool for introducing users to our photographic collections.

The hub served as place where we could direct our Twitter and Facebook followers after catching their attention with an interesting image or headline. It enabled us to share a range of interesting stories which would have been too lengthy to post directly via social media, and which a general audience would therefore not normally get to read.

(Hillingdon Local Studies, Archives and Museum Service, Hillingdon and the First World War)


Get Started

  1. Go to
  2. Create a free account
  3. Add your project and upload photos, videos and sounds


If you have queries or need help, email


Parade of tanks, Esplanade des invalides, Paris, 20th October 1918

Photo overlaid on Street View – Parade of tanks, Esplanade des invalides, Paris, 20th October 1918, shared by Les Albums Valois – BDIC