WWI Roadshow: Historypin at Bletchley Park

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Duncan Johnstone's Medals
Duncan Johnstone’s Medals, shared on Historypin by jsohn-rethal

Do you have First World War artefacts that you would like to find out more about? Or are you working on local commemorations or interested in discovering new First World War stories? Come along to the First World War Roadshow at Bletchley Park, hosted by the Everyday Lives in the First World War.

Friday 11th September
Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes
Details here

Find out more about your wartime family artefacts
Experts will be on hand to tell you more about your First World War object. If you’re bringing an object, you will get free entry to Bletchley Park –  details on how to apply here.

Get a 3D scan of your objects
The University of Hertfordshire will be there with a 3D scanner to digitise objects.

Add your photos and stories to the First World War Centenary Hub on Historypin
The Historypin team will be on hand to scan your photos and add your stories to the hub.

Meet other people and hear First World War stories
Connect with other people researching and commemorating the First World War and hear the stories they have been discovering.

Visit “The Road to Bletchley Park”, an exhibition on World War One code-breaking
The exhibition tells the little known story of signals intelligence which played a crucial role during the First World War. Read more here.

Hope to see you there! Find out more information.