Do you have memories or photographs of the Bedford Tavern?

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The real history of pubs like the Bedford Tavern on Seven Sisters Road lives with its people: previous and current landlords, locals who enjoy a quiet drink on the weekend and everyone else who has made some connection to the pub.

We’re working with local people to create a shared history of the Bedford Tavern and we need your help to add materials and memories. Everything gathered will be added to the digital archive, where it might even become part of a book about London community pubs.

Join us at the Bedford Tavern to share stories and photographs, and perhaps learn something new about your favourite pub.

Bring your friends, photos and best stories!

Friday 17 April 2015, 2.30pm to 7pm

Bedford Tavern, 160 Seven Sisters Rd Islington, London N7 7PT

Explore and upload material online

Visit the Bedford Tavern’s Historypin project here to contribute to the digital archive.