Historypin needs your help!

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Self-improvement is very important to us here at Historypin, and this month we’re working on developing new tools and refining current ones on our website. We couldn’t do it without you though, so we’re looking for some eager participants who would like to come in to the office, have a cuppa and test some current and new features on the Historypin website with one of our team members.

We’re looking for people who are fairly new to Historypin, so if you’re a long-time user, introduce us to one of your friends or family members and come along! We’d love to meet you and send you both home with some swag that includes some of our We Are What We Do stationery ( http://shop.wearewhatwedo.org/stationeryrange/ ), Historypin stickers and postcards.

If you’d like to participate, please fill out our contact form here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Click here for contact form

Some info:


We have limited spaces for participants so we’ll contact people in the order that they respond. We are looking for relatively new users to Historypin, but if you’ve been following Historypin for awhile and forward this post to someone new, we’d love to meet both of you.


Participants will get a sneak peak at new features to the Historypin website and give direct input on how they can be refined. We’ll ask you to test a few simple tasks using new/existing tools and ask that you to share your experience.


We’ll be working out of our London office, so apologies for those who aren’t local. More details on the location will be sent out when we start contacting participants.

Once we start receiving participation requests, we’ll start sending out specific times and dates for you to choose from. We are looking for people on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the daytime.


It will be a completely painless process – promise! We will need approximately 1 ½ hour of your time and you’re welcome to withdraw at any time. This would include a short interview, a set of tasks involving tools on the Historypin website, and a brief exit questionnaire. And, don’t forget about that cuppa.