Olympic Memories

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Bill Plester carrying the 1948 Olympic Torch

The Olympics may have come to a close, but we wanted to remind everyone that you can keep adding to our Olympic Collection. Whether they are your own memories or those from your family or community, we would love to see them!

We have just received some wonderful contributions from Steve Plester, son of 1948 Olympic torch-bearer Bill Plester. Steve pinned photos of his Dad, then a 21-year old athlete from Basingstoke, England, carrying the Olympic torch through his hometown. After the Opening Ceremony at Wembley Stadium in London, the flame made its way out onto the English streets again on a second journey to the coast at Torquay; Bill was one of the lucky ones chosen to for this task. The photos suggest a great atmosphere, with large crowds of local Basingstoke residents coming out to support him. We are lucky to have a family member contribute this wonderful memory to our Olympic Collection!

If you have a cherished memory from the Olympics or Paralympics past or present, add them here.

Bill Plester passing on the flame in Basingstoke on August 1, 1948.