Trams on Boston Rd, Three Brides for Three Brothers and Cricket at Skegness.

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This week we celebrate a dedicated Historypinner, have a very cute story all the way from Route 69 in Kansas and to top it off a fantastic picture of some girls having fun on the beach in Skegness, Enjoy!

Pinner of the Week

Tram on Boston rd, Hamwell 1900-1920

PhotosOfThePast is a great channel that has been pinning a huge variety of photos ranging from late 19th Century Indian temples, to Bucolic English scenes going back as far as the 1860’s. Here is a great pic of a beautiful route 13 Tram on the Boston Rd.

Story of the Week

The McShannon sisters inside the 69 Grill, Louisburg, Kansas.

Our story this week comes from Cpurvis a self styled ‘sentimental fool’ and to back it up our Story of the Week is a cute one from Louisburg, Kansas. In the photo you can see three sister Betty, Evelyn and Mary Anne McShannon. All three sisters married three brothers called John, George and Tom Baur and if that wasn’t enough they also all worked at the same restaurant; The 69 Grill on Highway 69 which is where the picture was taken. Such a cute story and you can see more of the McShannon, baur couples on Cpurvis’s channel here.

Photo of the Week

Beach Cricket at Skegness, 1940

Well its the last week of August and its holiday time, so have chosen a great beach photo this week. In the photo we have Greta Meradith, Gladys Carrier and sisters Valerie and Edna Buckley, playing cricket at Skegness in 1940. They look so care free and the photo seems to have a timeless quality to it. You can imagine much the same scenes today at a beach in England. Check out the photo here and also have a look at the Science and Society Picture Library Channel, which has a huge collection of beautiful and interesting historical images from across the world.