Historypin heads to Brighton

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The Historypin Team is getting excited as next week we will be hitting the road and heading down to Brighton to take part in Our Digital Planet.

Created by the Nominet Trust, Our Digital Planet is an outdoor street gallery exhibition demonstrating the power the internet has to change our lives for the better.

We’ll be down on the Promenade on Wednesday 22nd August to show some of the ace photos that have been pinned and help you add your memories about Brighton. So come down and say hello, armed with photos and stories to add!

If you can’t wait until Wednesday, Our Digital Planet will be in town from Thursday 16th August until Monday 3rd September. There will be an outdoor street gallery exhibition showcasing 24 thought-provoking images of the social impact of the internet, and a drop-in internet station where you can chat to Nominet volunteers about how to get started online or get more out of using the internet. And don’t forget to check the timetable for other activities that you can get involved with during the week from folks like We’re Altogether Better, DigitalMe and Made with Jam.

Don’t live in Brighton? Don’t worry, Our Digital Planet will be hopping all over the UK over the next few months. To find out more about other locations and details about Brighton activities, visit their website.

Hope to see you on the 22nd!