Hot Girls, Empire State Building and Trafalgar Square!

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Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Charlie’s Friday Faves will no longer exist – sad times. However Friday Faves will carry on with a different author. So, as this is my last post I thought I would like to choose my all time fave Historypin pins – well not all of them. So in no particular order:

First Fave

Girls, Cadillacs and Hollywood, 1956, Shared by electospark

Well, for my dedicated followers choosing this photo as one of my ultimate fave pins will be of no surprise. And to top off the amazing fashion and car, the photo is on Street View – what a beauty. So these cool cats are posing by their Chevy (For you Chevy fans check out the Chevy collection on Historypin here) and what a Chevy it is. The beautiful pastel green colour, so 50s glam, especially with that cream roof. The lady with blue slacks is my fave the triangle cut outs – so Flintstone, prehistoric! I also love the effortless tucked in shirt, bloody great combo. The lady in the red slacks, going for a more relaxed look with the slightly over sized white sunnies. These ladies are on vacation in Hollywood – I really want to visit Hollywood: all that glamour and style – although knowing me, I would faint with over excitement. This amazing photo was uploaded by electorspark.

Second Fave

Hold On To Your Hat!, Empire State Building, 1931-1941, Shared by EastMarple1

This gem was uploaded by one of my fave Historypin pinners EastMarple1. EastMarple has uploaded some great vintage photos and postcards like this beauty above – Titled ‘Hold on to your hat‘. This postcard was a find in a antiques arcade, and what a find it was. The hats, the coats the shoes ahhh! Judging by the elegant style I would say this photo is from the mid 30s. I love the angle in which the photo was taken, the epic view of the Chrysler Building along side the other sky scrapers. Amazing to think New York was so advanced in architecture construction in the 30s. I also noticed the lack of health and safety – no safety net, hehe. The telescope in the right hand corner is just gorgeous, telescopes remind me of seaside adventures as a kid. Oh my, if you loved this photo too, check out this bad boy Empire State Building, 1943.

Empire State Building, 1943, New York, Shared by Chilee

This must have been a trend, I feel. How bloody similar are they? Love it! How much of a lush (couldn’t go a whole blog without saying the word) 40s couple are they? The double breasted winter coat and beret along side his military outift. If anyone has any photos of themselves or whoever on the Empire State building do add to Historypin – I feel a collection coming on!

Third Fave

London Pigeons, 1965-1969, London, nadine britton

This was one of the first photos I was greeted with when I first started working at Historypin – which is why it has always been a firm fave. Can you believe there were so many pigeons in Trafalgar Square in the swinging 60s as there are today in 2012? Anyway, away from the vermin, how amazing is all the fashion in this photo? I don’t know where to begin? The white flare trousers (on the right of the photo) teamed with a brown jacket. To the mini skirts and Jimmy Choo inspired shoes – lush! The two main beauties Elaine and Mari Carmen we’re visiting London – hopefully they saw more than pigeons. Moving away for the 60s fashion and my jel face to The National Portrait Gallery – so many inspiring trips I have had there over the years. The building looks mega clean compared to today, and architecturally, hasn’t dated. This awesome photo was shared by nadine britton.  

As all great things come in threes, I will leave my faves here. Thanks so much for reading my weekly blog posts people. Peace out!