An arch, Amy Johnson and Atlanta History Centre

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Fave Piece of Content

Independence Arch, Monterrey,1960, Shared by Mollinedo

How cool is this photo??The composition is amazing, the lovely lady, the cars and the arch works so bloody well together.The lush lady strolling down the road reminds me of the car race scene from the film Grease. The Arch called ‘Arco de la Independencia en Monterrey’ translating to Independence Arch, is located in Monterrey Mexico. This photo was taken in 1960, which is evident in the transition of 50s fashion to 60s – although her skirt is so long for a 60s girl.  Four years later this lady like many others, would be rocking a mini skirt thanks to Mary Quant – couldn’t live without a mini skirt. The photo looks super epic on Street View which you can see here. This little gem was shared by Mollinedo who has also shared some very lush vintage postcards. 


Fave Story

Amy Johnson and Anna Neagle, Welsh Harp, Hendon, , 1 April 1931, Shared by Science & Society Picture Library

Where do I begin with this treasure?The coats are a-maz-ing!! The fur trim on the coat (lady on the left  Anna Neagle) along side the beret is fabulous glamorous combo ever! The leather trench coat (lady on the left Amy Johnson) is so timeless – so making me jel. Not only are these ladies blessed with the flair for fashion, their also talented in other ways. Amy Johnson was an English Aviator. She  was the first women to gain a certificate as a ground engineer and pilot as well as famous record breaking flights! If thats not great enough, she joined the Air Transport Auxiliary in World War II as a pilot. Unfortunately Amy Johnson died during ferry flying. Anna Neagle was a mega big star of historical film and dramas. She was lucky enough to become a Dame of the British Empire in 1969. If all this wasn’t astonishing enough the photograph was taken by James Jarche at the opening of the speedboat season. This mega photo was shared by Science & Society Picture Library see their full and insanely great Channel here.

Pinner of the Week

F.D.R Parade, Atlanta Georgia, 1932, Shared by Atlanta History Center

#PINNEROFTHEWEEK is awarded to Atlanta History Center for their impressive 172 pins – what legends. F.D.R Parade (see photo above) is defo one of my faves from their collection.This photo captures Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s motorcade car during a parade for his campaign visit to Atlanta, Georgia. Theres so many people lining the street to witness the event. I love the boy (middle right) running down the road to get a clearer view of Roosevelt. Another great piece of content, from their collection is The Art Building, 1895. The photo captures the architecturally beautifulness of the building, from the giant pillars to the relief work. If you look closely to the right of the photo you will see a little couple sitting on a bench – cute. To see Atlanta full collection of pins see their Channel here.