The shopper, a trishaw and Liz Taylor

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This week on Historypin, I have been greeted by some fab 80s and early 90s which are my fave fashion eras – I know dire aye!

Fave Piece of Content

Shopping in Pontypridd, May 1982, Shared by harri80

This fab combo of an outfit (midi skirt which are all the rang atm) is seen in Pontypridd on a shopping trip – God I love shopping. I totally love the pose the slightly forward left leg – glam. Also, how great are those cars in the background? Loving the yellow one. Harri80 shared this gem with Historypin this week. Another great outfit pinned on Historypin this week is this little treasure:

Piet and Mien Steur in a Trishaw in Malacca, 13 September 1990, Shared by team113mtt

You gotta love this hat! Which one I hear you ask? The fine sun hat on the lovely lady. This photo is totally 90s holiday snapshot. This duo are sunning it up in Malacca -lucky sods. Travelling in style on a trishaw. This fine photo was shared by team113mtt.

Enough of my rambling about those ladies fashions, onto something more cultural with this great pin!

Fave Story

Party for the Festival of Britain, 1951, Shared by Barking and Dagenham Archives and Local Studies Centre

I’m having Jubilee blues after all those celebrations parities and picnic food. This street party is part of The Festival of Britain in 1951. The Festival of Britain was an idea to help rebuild Britain after World War II by showcasing through arts, design and science. The Festival opened on May 3rd 1951 till September 1951, The South Bank in London being the main area. Back to the photo above, 228 Downing Rd, Dagenham is where this hip party happened. The party hats are genius especially the tall one on the little boy (see right).This photo was shared by Barking and Dagenham Archives and Local Studies Centre. On the subject of The Festival of Britain check out this great Tour from Science and Society Picture Library here.

Pinner of the Week

Elizabeth Taylor in "National Velvet", 1947, Shared by Special Collections at University of Tennessee, Knoxville

#PINNEROFTHEWEEK is awarded to Special Collections at University of Tennessee, Knoxville who have uploaded 77 glamorous pins.They have some amazing film stills of actress such as Joan Crawford and this fabulous photo of Liz Taylor(above). This scene is from the film set of National Velvet. I have never seen the film but feel it is a must watch now I have seen how cute that dog is. Another great film still from their collection is Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer, 1931. The photo is a scene from the film Free Soul the photo is so romantic and Shearer is wearing the cutest knitwear. The fashion in the photo reminds me of my friend who loves 30s and 40s fashion – it’s totally so her this photo. See the Special Collections at University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s full glam Channel here.