An opening, an outdoor adventure and an outside swimming pool

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Fave Piece of Content

Albright-Knox Art Gallery Public Opening, 1962, Buffalo, New York, Shared by Albright-Knox Art Gallery

I do thoroughly enjoy an art opening, the image above captures the public opening of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York. The duration of the public opening fell between the 18th and 21st January1962. The gallery was funded by the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy which works wiith some of the oldest  American public arts institutions. I totally love the design of the building – reminds me of the White Cube gallery in London. Albright-Knox Art Gallery who have created a swanky Channel on Historypin and have also uploaded some lush construction images of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery as well as some photos of the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy – they have totes dazzled me. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you will also know why it’s been chosen as a fave piece of content this week – the coats! I’m a firm lover of fashion, coats are a particular fave of mine and those beauties above have made my week.

Fave Story

Nanny & Me, 1974, Gwynedd, UK, Shared by LucyMH

My fave story of the week is sold to the girl in the gingham dress and wellies! LucyMH shares her adorable memories of her Grandma, Dorothy (above) taking her rambling round the countryside. On their rambles her Grandmother would teach her names of birds and plants they discovered. Occasionally on their travels they would pick wild flowers and blackberries to take home. The photo was taken round 1974, near where her grandparents lived. The house was called Tremeifion and was in the Snowdonian village of Talsarnau – which now has been turned into a vegetarian restaurant and hotel. I do enjoy a good ramble, although I’m new to the countryside scene – and not very bug friendly. LucyMH Channel is made up of an ever growing collection of old family photographs with the occasional vintage postcard so defiantly one to keep an eye on.

Pinner of the week

Who's the boy in the picture? Shared by Jean Penny, pinned by Victoria Penny

Our Pinner of the Week this week is a Grade 6 Class from Queen of Peace Middle School, Labrador, Canada. The students have been very busy the past few weeks, collecting photos and stories from their grandparents and older relatives, and have added 92 pins! Some fantastic stories have been pinned, including one about a dedicated horse who brought a grandad and uncle safely home through a storm. There are many tales of migration, with photos pinned far from Labrador, like this one of a family leaving Holland. You also get a wonderful window into the older traditions, jobs and pastimes of the community, from hay rides to skidoos (a type of sled). And being a coastal community, there are of course loads of photos of fish. And these are some seriously big fish – the photo above gives you an idea, but if you think these are big, have a look at this one taken in 2012!

You can see more of the stories and photos shared here. And if you’re keen to find out who the boy in the photo above is, you can find out here – I recommend reading, it’s a cracking story.