Bunting, barges and a balcony

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"Here is one of my many photos of the Queen and the rest of the royal family when they appeared on the balcony at Buckingham Palace on the final day of the Jubilee celebrations. My friend and I had a brilliant view - we couldn't believe how close we were. It was such a brilliant day, and one I'll never forget." Shared by cozzyross1

Over the last week pins showing pomp, pagentry and your Diamond Jubilee celebrations across the UK and around the world have been flooding onto Pinning the Queen’s History.

We’ve got some excellent snaps of the flotilla on the River Thames, just visible through the dark skies:

"The crowd was more than 10 deep - we stood on our tippy toes to catch a glimpse. The first boat went past and camera held up high and caught this - at least we saw something." Shared by maypingwong

Like the Coronation in 1953 when it also poured with rain, the Jubilee weekend was very wet and jokes about Her Majesty’s rain abounded. But this did little to deter people from watching the celebrations:

"It was a bit damp to begin with on the day of the river pageant, but it cleared up, until 4 o'clock when it decided to rain, however, our spirits were not dampened, here is the view of where I stood on the Albert Embankment." Shared by YesIamEccentric

Bunting bedecked many a street holding a Jubilee shindig …

Bury Drive, Goring Diamond Jubilee Street Party Celebrations Monday 4th June 2012 Residents doing the Conga! Shared by L11CY

as families and communities around the world celebrated, from Dubai to Australia and even as far as Hawaii:

A Big Jubilee Lunch gathering with neighbors and friends to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. We taped the River Pagent (2:45 a.m. our time) and watched it together at a civilized hour while enjoying wonderful company and food. God Save the Queen - Long May She Reign!! Shared by mauidi

Food of course played a central role in the celebrations, like this amazing blueberry Union Jack cheesecake made by this family in Chile who woke up early to watch the Thanksgiving Service at St Paul’s and had a special lunch:

Far away from the UK, here in Chile, South America, my family and I celebrated Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee during all the Jubilee Weekend. After watching the river pageant on Sunday, we had a special lunch in our Union Jack decorated dinning room. On Tuesday, I woke up very early to watch the service at St. Paul's Cathedral, and afterwards, my little brothers and I watched the procession and the fly past over Buckingham Palace. Then we ate this amazing blueberry cheescake! We are chileans, not british, but we love the Queen and the Monarchy! Long live Her Majesty! Shared by msuzarteskarica

We’ve had lots of great stories pinned, including this warm tribute from Will to his Gran:

"... I remember The Queen’s words as she addressed us from the tremendous parade ground at Sandhurst: “You must be courageous yet selfless, leaders yet carers, confident yet considerate.” These qualities of selflessness and duty are values that The Queen has continuously demonstrated over the last 60 years and are qualities that remain very important to me." Shared by HRH The Duke of Cambridge

And some more eccentric tributes to Her Majesty’s sixty year reign …

"The Queens Jubilee Sheep - taken in Queens Lane, Arundel - decorated by the farmer and children living in the road." Shared by Vicki Isted

Did you hold a Diamond Jubilee celebration? Catch sight of The Queen on a barge or balcony? Add your photos, videos and stories to Pinning the Queen’s History.

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