Ducks, a digital team and a damn good Channel

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Hello again everyone. As I was poorly I wasn’t able to do my Friday Faves for the last two weeks – pretty depressing.

On my return I have been greeted by heaps of great pinned photos, stories and audio clips on the site – amazing. So trying to find a few faves is going to be darn difficult – so sorry if I ramble.

Fave Piece of Content

This fellow is called Don Jamieson, he’s posing on the Lions Gate Bridge  which connects the City of Vancouver to the North Shore. He’s working on the construction of the bridge – even if it appears that he’s slacking a little here! Don appears to be wearing some very fine dungarees – which isn’t the only reason he’s my first fave of this week. When I discovered this I was also reminded of one of my ultimate fave pins on the site, Patricia Joan Thompson, née Davidson, Stanley Park, 1960s which was in the nearby photo tab. Back to the fellow above, he was shared by West Vancouver Archives who have a very slick Channel that includes some very lush images including some skiers – what more can one ask for? Check them out here.


Fave Story/ Street Views of the Week

There’s nothing I love more then a bloody good Street View (except perhaps a nice new frock). Feeding the ducks, Askham Richard is a superb example of how amazing Street View can be.  Askham Richard is a village near York that has a mighty big pond and Yorkstories shares the memories of feeding the ducks there. Here he is pictured above with his mother. The car behind them (how 70s is the colour?) was their first family car.
On the subject of 70s and superb Street Views I had to add another great photo into my blog this week.

I love a tacky photo, and this proves to be one of the greatest for that: Centronics Employees gathered for a photograph in front of the company headquarters with their products in tow. I’m totally obsessing over the guy in the vest featured just of the middle, slightly to the right.  This little gem was shared by msls5383.

Pinner of the Week

#PINNEROFTHEWEEK is awarded to toledosattic for their 136 pins – pretty impressive. Toledosattic aka Toledo’s Attic is a virtual museum focusing on the twentieth century history of Toledo, Ohio. They have pinned some fantastic content, from colour postcards to black and white photographs. One of my faves is an interior image of the lobby at the Summit Street Hotel Waldorf, 1916. The image captures the glamour and wealth of the hotel, it was constructed in 3 sections which included a ladies parlour, barbershop and a roof garden – total glam. My other total fave is Swayne Field (see photo above) this was held at Monroe Street and Detroit Street. The opening day saw 9,000 people come and watch a 18-inning game against a Columbus team. See their Channel here.