Sharing our history with Radio 4

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On Tuesday the Historypin team ran a session with Magic Me where older residents of Tower Hamlets and young interns and volunteers got together to share their photos and stories and add them to  We were delighted to have Radio 4 along to share the fascinating stories and a great time was had by all.

There were some fantastic photos and memories shared, including one of a Haberdashers on Columbia Road in 1920 where Gloria’s Aunt Milly worked as an assistant. And Vince shared his memories of national service when he was working at  Bungay Airfiield disposing of ammunition from World War Two.


To see more of the photos and stories, have a look at Magic Me’s profile. And if you’re curious to hear more, the session was recorded for The World Tonight and will be broadcast tonight on Radio Four at 10pm. You can hear the story through the BBC iPlayer–just skip to minute 34.

Thanks to everyone involved and to the Sundial Centre for hosting us and for all their support within the community.