Work With Us

Historypin works in partnership with all sorts of organisations to deliver projects that have a local community focus and strong social impact.

People come together to share photos, stories and memories with each other, and the world, through Historypin.

Our partnerships are ambitious and creative. From storytelling, mystery solving and online crowdsourcing to creating new things like exhibitions, books, murals and films.

Some partners use Historypin to create more connected communities and reduce social isolation by bringing the old and the young, or academia and local groups together. Some use Historypin to test and develop new technology and tools for engaging communities. While others, like museums, libraries and archives, want to get more people looking at and loving their collections, and to collect previously untold stories that can be preserved for future audiences.

So, if you’re thinking of starting something, talk to us. We’d love to put our heads together with yours to build and deliver something that’ll make a real difference to the people in your community.

Historypin has made a relatively very low budget pilot project punch way above its weight (and resources). Some old-school cultural institutions are amazed at the traffic that a small outreach project managed to achieve.

Danny Callaghan, Project manager of the Potteries Tile Trail, UK

Who do we work with?

Cultural institutions

Libraries, Archives, Museums

Local community groups

Clubs, teams, neighbourhood associations


Companies or organisations with something significant to contribute about local history

Local Government

Local authorities with responsibility for social isolation and older care


Classroom teachers and researchers

The project definitely has a social impact. These isolated people have formed a tightly knit group. They look after each other and phone each other outside sessions to find out if they are coming that week. They have become friends.

Organisers of the Life Stories Circle project, Australia

What do we do?

Digital tools

Our Historypin digital community history tools and apps let people collaborate to build collections of photos, stories and other materials online. We provide the tools and training, as well as bespoke websites to showcase special collections, and analytics to measure audience engagement.

Measurement and evaluation

Our measurement and evaluation services provide training, resources and expertise on monitoring and evaluating social impact.

Community engagement

Our community engagement services provide guidance, materials, training and models to help you connect with people though talks, digitisation events, storytelling and mystery-solving sessions, or any other type of event.


We can provide communications and marketing support, and promote your events and sharing updates on our blog and social media.

What Can We Achieve?

By combining Historypin's experience, expertise and tools with your ideas, local knowledge and resources, we can:

Collaborate with local communities and grow your audience

Run branded campaigns

Strengthen your local relationships

Improve access

Collect and preserve local history and heritage collections

Reduce social isolation

Build social capital and measure social value

Measure Engagement

Create and measure audience engagement

Promote an anniversary

an awareness or anniversary campaign

Historypin is not just about creating something for the sake of creating, it can be so much more, a medium that promotes communication across generations, between those with and without a disability, between the locals and the tourists.

The organisers of the Bridging Communities project, Fujinomiya, Japan