Why We Do it

Getting people together is a powerful thing. Sharing stories and discovering the history of the places we spend time in can make people’s lives better, and make communities stronger.

Historypin is a tool for connecting communities

Over the last 50 years, local community ties have become weaker. Fewer people know their neighbours’ names. Fewer local associations and groups meet as they used to. And more older people have become socially isolated.

We want to help change this.

Working with Historypin has helped many local groups to further their own goals, whether that’s reducing social isolation for older people, commemorating an anniversary or changing perceptions of their area.

Heritage organisations like museums and archives, as well as local libraries and history groups do a great job of inspiring people to engage with local history. There are also lots of dedicated individuals around undertaking their own personal history projects that deserve a bigger audience. Historypin gives all of these people some great digital tools to help, as well as a whole heap of actual human support.

Below, learn how the community of Fujinomiya, Japan used Historypin to bring multiple generations together around the history of their main street.

What organisers say

It is really nice to be involved with something that is about your area, you walk along and you see things you didn’t know about and now you do.

Local Champion of Pinning Reading’s History

A core aspect of the project was to develop and utilise ICT skills (of both the school pupils and senior citizens), and the Historypin tool was perfect for this.

Organiser of Bridging Communities: Sharing Our Memories, Fujinomiya, Japan
of participants became more involved in community activities
of participants met someone new through a Historypin project

Learn more

We worked together with some of our wonderful partners around the world to create a report highlighting some of these projects over the past two years, with each case study giving you a brief glimpse of the people behind these projects and what they’ve achieved. 

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