Sound Connections

Project Description

Sound Connections

The Netherlands and United Kingdom

2014 – 2015

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
The British Library

Funders: European Commission


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Sound Connections was an R&D project that was part of Europeana Creative, a European project to promote the reuse of cultural heritage resources by the creative industries.

The purpose of Sound Connections was to explore how using a social platform, Historypin, could:

  • increase the discoverability of items in Europeana, a data aggregator of cultural heritage collections in Europe
  • generate generate public engagement with the collections
  • enable collections to be enriched with additional information
What happened?

The project focused on collections of sounds held by the British Library and The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (NISV). These had their geo-data enriched by Ontotext and they were imported to Europeana. Historypin then imported them via the Europeana API, integrated with SoundCloud and AudioBoo so they could be streamed and mapped them on Historypin.

490 sounds were mapped and grouped into three thematic collections of sounds were created: London Cityscapes, Amsterdam Cityscapes, Aviation and Bird Sounds. NISV and the British Library reached out to relevant communities of interest to invite them to enrich the sounds with specialist knowledge and their own related photos, sounds and videos.

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What was created?

Four thematic collections (Amsterdam Cityscapes, London Cityscapes, Aviation and Bird Life) that were enriched with crowdsourced comments, links and additional photos.


Collaborative Partnership delivery

  • Worked with partners to co-design a pilot

Design and Digital

  • Designed custom collections for the four themes and brought them together in a Sounds Connections hub
  • Integrated with SoundCloud and AudioBoo so that sounds could be streamed and added
  • Integrated with Embedly so that links added to comments (eg. videos, wikipeadia articles) were rendered as images and text snippets

Collections and Content

  • Uploaded 500 sounds from British Library and NISV via the Europeana API

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