Q Anzac 100: Memories for a New Generation

Project Description

Q Anzac 100: Memories for a New Generation

Queensland, Australia

November 2014 onwards
Partner: State Library of Queensland

Queensland Government
Anzac Centenary Queensland

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The State Library of Queensland were running a programme to engage Queenslanders in understanding and commemorating the First World War. The purpose of the programme was to:

  • Discover local, untold stories about the impact of the First World War on Queenslanders and their communities
  • Record contemporary commemorations between 2014 and 2018
  • Support local libraries and community organisations to collaborate with other local organisations and run community engagement activities  to explore the First World War
  • Build capability, skills and digital literacy among heritage professionals, teachers, students and community organisations 
What happened?

The State Library of Queensland ran a community grant scheme to support local libraries and community groups to run projects to discover hidden local stories about the First World War. Organisations including libraries, councils, schools, and local history groups partnered with each other to engage the public to research the impact of the First World War on their community. The State Library supported them to use the State Library’s Collections, digitise materials, engage their communities and storyboard the material they found to create narratives. Each local project had events in their community, and all the material and stories that had been found were uploaded to the Q Anzac hub on Historypin.  

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What was created?
  • 10 community engagement projects in towns across Queensland
  • A hub with 61 collections and 2,133 photos, videos, sounds and text snippets which has has had 20,000 views


Training and support

  • Provided guidance so that the State Library could create specific materials for their local groups

Design and Digital

  • Designed the creative identity for the project
  • Built a custom hub with a unique design, theme and partnership branding


  • Co-ordinated with the State Library of Queensland to jointly promote Q Anzac 100 and particular local projects


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