People’s History of Pop

Music fans tell the story of British rock and pop music from the fifties to the noughties.

Project Description

People’s History of Pop

United Kingdom

September 2015 – Sept 2016

BBC Music

FunderBBC Music

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TV production company 7Wonder wanted to film a documentary that told the history of British Rock and Pop Music from the fifties to the noughties through the eyes of the fans. They wanted to create a crowdsourced, community archive of memories and memorabilia which would provide the source material and interviewees for the documentary and create an evolving community archive of British rock and pop music.

What happened?

BBC Music invited it’s community to contribute their memories, photos and memorabilia of British rock and pop music to the People’s History of Pop. So far thousands of things have been added and many will be featured in the four-part documentary due to air in 2016.

Explore musical memories from around the UK, shared on BBC Local Radio.

Read the blog.

What was created?
  • A collection on Historypin which currently so far has 3,000 contributions
  • Community collection events with retired staff at EMI and music fans at the BBC Music Festival
  • A four part TV documentary that screened on BBC Four


Local Community Engagement

  • Delivered community engagement events to gather, digitise and collect photos and stories

Design & Digital

  • Designed the creative identity
  • Built a custom showcase website ( to allow editorial control (eg. feature content, highlight social media, post blogs)
  • Built a custom collection  with a unique design, theme and partnership branding
  • Built and integrated custom features, including browse by theme and decade

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