Me and My Chevy

Project Description

Me and My Chevyy


Partner: Chevrolet
Funder: Chevrolet

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Chevrolet wanted to celebrate their 100th anniversary by inviting people to share their memories – first cars, family trips, vintage collections, fixing them up and more.

What happened?

Chevrolet and Historypin ran a social media campaign to invite people to share their photos and stories. Conversations took place on Facebook, Twitter and Historypin with people sharing fun and touching memories of their connections with Chevrolet cars. Historypin also identified and engaged archives and fans who had collections of photographs and stories. All this material was shared in a custom collection on to tell the story of Chevrolet through people’s memories.

What was created?
  • A collection on Historypin with 1,500 photos, videos, stories and memories from the public
  • Conversation and engagement with Chevrolet through social media



Design & Digital

  • Designed the visual identity for the project
  • Built a custom collection with a unique design and partnership branding

Collections and content

  • Identified and reached out to archives and fans supported them to contribute photos and videos


  • Supported Chevrolet’s social media campaign to reach out to fans and gather memories

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