Hertfordshire on the Map

Rural identities, manufacturing and urban transformation: how the landscape has shaped Hertfordshire’s history.

Project Description

Hertfordshire on the Map

Hertfordshire, UK


University of Hertfordshire
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies
Hertfordshire Heritage Hub


Arts and Humanities Research Council

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The University of Hertfordshire runs the Hertfordshire Heritage Hub which supports local community groups who are researching, interpreting and collecting Hertfordshire’s history. They wanted to create a space where all these archive materials and stories could be seen together to enable people to discover the county’s history and make geographical connections.

What happened?

The University of Hertfordshire invited local community groups to share historical photos, stories and memories on Historypin.

What was created?

A collection of nearly 100 materials, which has been viewed 2,000 times.


Design and Digital

  • Designed the visual identity
  • Built a custom collection with a unique design and partnership branding

Training and support

  • Gave talks and ran workshops to introduce the collection on Historypin and teach community groups how to use Historypin

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