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London Local Pubs

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National Brewery Heritage Trust
Europeana Food and Drink
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European Commission
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London Local Pubs was created as part of Europeana Food and Drink, a European project to explore how collaboration between cultural heritage institutions, creative organisations and the food and drink industry could create commercially viable products. The purpose was to:

  • Make heritage collections more accessible and reusable
  • Engage people with heritage collections
  • Create commercial products associated with the collection
What happened?

Historypin brought together a set of commercial and creative partners to make cultural heritage more accessible, facilitate community engagement and create a set of commercial products.

The project revolved around a partnership with The National Brewery Heritage Trust who held the Charrington archive, a unique, unseen collection of 3,500 historical photographs of pubs across south east England that had been rescued from a skip. Historypin built a set of partnerships to digitise the collection, make it more accessible, use it to facilitate community engagement and create associated commercial products.

Many of the pubs featured in the Charrington archive were still proudly trading. So Historypin Community Officer Lise got in touch with the landlords and ran a series of events to gather memories and stories about the pub. Current landlords got in touch with past landlords and staff and local regulars who all came along to share their memories, and even personal photos, to build up a community history of ten pubs around London.

All these personal contributions, alongside the 3,500 archival photos, were digitised, mapped and added to the London Local Pubs collection on Historypin. This enabled the public to discover the Charrington archive, explore the unique memories these pubs evoke and add their own photos and stories.

This community narrative was shaped into a book London Local Pubs: Past and Present, written by Adrian Tierney-Jones and containing crowdsourced memories, personal photos and a ‘now and then’ comparison of archival photographs and contemporary images.

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Find out more about the book here.

What was created?
Press Coverage


Collaborative Partnership delivery

  • Built  and managed cross-sector partnership to deliver the project
    • Historypin (digital and community engagement)
    • National Brewery Heritage Trust (archive)
    • Heritage Assets (commercial scanning, print and products)
    • Halsgrove Publishing
    • Europeana (funder, cultural heritage aggregator)

Local Community Engagement

  • Designed, ran and delivered community scanning and storytelling sessions in pubs

Design & Digital

  • Built a custom hub with a unique design, theme and partnership branding to host a collection for each pub and all the archival and community contributed materials
  • Bulk uploaded and mapped 3,500 digitised photographs
  • Imported National Brewery Heritage Trust collection into Europena, the cultural heritage data aggregator


  • Wrote the communications strategy
  • Ran online promotion and crowdsourcing through social media

Creative Product Development (Book publication)

  • Briefed and co-ordinated a publisher, author and photographer to write, design and publish London Local Pubs

Edited London Local Pubs , synthesising community sourced content with archival material

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